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    Quick and easy fix, gracias!

  • http://yanhr.com Haryanto

    Hi there, i use disqus rss feed as my recent comments plugin but since i use cloudflare feeds not load at all (blank).
    I try this tips, but i doesn’t effected on my feed display.

    • elizaibeth

       sorry to hear that… i have ended up removing cloud flare from a lot of my sites… hopefully you will find a solution

  • http://lasvegasworldnews.com/ Chellie Cervone

    Yes but your performance of the website suffers.

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    This appeared to be the sentiment at the Downtown Alliance
    of city’s State of Downtown meal that was command recently because the Hyatt
    Regency. Centro Properties President Debra Maltz more confirmed what everybody
    was already thinking: that buying city condos in today’s market may be
    downright troublesome.

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    I just hope my page speed doesn’t go down now that I have turned off the Rocketloader.

  • http://customwebdesignseo.com/ Uma Gokhale

    Guys, I found a better solution to this so that the site performance doesn’t have to suffer and you can still reap benefits of the RocketLoader. Here’s the solution: http://customwebdesignseo.com/disqus-comments-not-loading/
    Do let me know whether or not this works for you.

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    Thanks for this!

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