The History of House Music – Pump Up the Volume – Watch the Documentary


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If you have ever wondered why it was called House Music, or what was the first house track ever made , or why does it samples so much disco music… this is the answer to all your questions.

And if you knew all that already and just want to watch an amazing documentary about that wonderful thing we all love with a mind blowing soundtrack – House Music – well you have come to the right place.

I have collected together all the parts to the brilliant Channel4 series called Pump up the Volume, which has everything and everyone from the old skool right up until … the Year 2000 when this was released…. ENJOY!!!!

If you want to get the sound track … you can get it on Amazon here……

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  • samo

    Great watch… nice to see some of the masters talking about what they love most…. props to Frankie Knuckles & Jamie Principle LEGENDS

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  • DJ Story

    Thanks for posting this history of house music.  I enjoyed it.