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iStockPhoto Promo Code – The Ultimate List

Hello there Welcome to my istockphoto promo code list! You either found this page directly or you have been redirected from another page on my blog – if that was the case… sorry about that… I just became sick of maintaining all my other posts and decided to send you all to this place… But rest assured this is a best place to be!

All iStockphoto promo codes and offers will be placed on this page…. and this single post will be updated with new promotional codes and offers as and when I get them.
Old codes will be remove and new ones put in there place… This basically is the only dam list you will ever need!

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Please leave a comment if they work for you…

iStockphoto Coupons: Coupon Codes, Promo Codes for Save an average of $19.89 with iStockPhoto promo codes and coupons. Find coupon codes and discounts for
iStock Photo: Royalty Free Stock Photography, Vector Art Images, Music & Video Stock Footage.
Find millions of affordable, unique, royalty free images, stock photos, vector art illustations, stock music tracks, flash & video footage. Buy, sell, learn…join our vibrant design community of artists and creative professionals
Contributing photographers apply (via a short quiz regarding policies, requirements, basic photographic knowledge, and legal issues) before they are eligible to upload their images. The applicant’s sample images are screened for quality and suitability before being approved. Photographers must be over 18 years of age to join (or have a parental consent form).
Once approved, photographers can begin uploading their work through the website. They supply keywords, categorize the images, and submit them to the “inspection queue”, where each image is examined to ensure that it meets the standards of quality, usefulness and copyright and trademark laws.
iStockphoto also sells vector graphics made in programs like Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand; Macromedia Flash elements and raster illustrations created in 3d graphics programs or bitmap editors like Adobe Photoshop.
Contributors receive a commission of between 15% and 40% of each sale, depending on whether or not they are “exclusive”, and on their current “canister level.” New canisters are awarded for various milestones such as 250 sales, 2,500 sales, 10,000 sales, 25,000 sales, and 200,000 sales. Only five photographers have passed the 200,000 point, while 209 members have passed the 25,000 level as of 2008-03-13 and received the coveted “diamond canister. Canister values will reset at the beginning of each year in 2012.”
Contributing photographers who reach a minimum of 250 sales (and have a submission acceptance rate of at least 50%) are offered the option of becoming exclusive to the company. If they do so, a bonus is added to their commission and they must not sell royalty-free stock images anywhere else. Rights managed sales are allowed off site even under the exclusivity contract.
In an address to its community entitled “2008: A Year in Review and a Look Ahead?,[5] iStockphoto’s COO laid out price increases for 2009 while also mentioning that the company was paying out ‘almost’ $1.1 million dollars per week in royalty payments to contributors.
In September 2010 iStock announced plans to change its royalty structure.

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